1. 2017-2018 CRA Annual Report - Designing URBAN SPACES

    As described in the CRA's latest annual report, the City’s planning initiatives assist in creating Fifty West as a “Regional Destination.” Additional Info >>
  2. S. Blackwood Avenue Refresh

    The Ocoee CRA wrapped up the S. Blackwood Ave Refresh Project before the Thanksgiving holiday. This refresh included replacing dead palms and declining plants, adding grasses, improving the irrigation, and adding a fresh layer of mulch.

    Additional Info >>
  1. Cultivating Existing Businesses

    The Ocoee CRA understands the importance of new and existing businesses located within the Fifty West District. Check out the West Orange Cinema. Additional Info >>
  2. Old Winter Garden Road Beautification Project

    The medians on Old Winter Garden Road between Maguire Road and Blackwood Ave. received a makeover funded by the City’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA). This projected included new landscaping and concrete in the medians giving it a fresh new look. Additional Info >>