Withers - Maguire House

Withers-Maguire House
The Withers - Maguire House, built in 1888, is one of Orange County’s oldest homes. It has been tastefully updated with an additional kitchen and restroom while the main rooms of the house are much as they have always been.

The Withers - Maguire house is suitable for smaller events, like club parties and rehearsal dinners, and includes bride and groom ready rooms that supplement other venues at the Center. The large wrap-around porch readily accommodates expansion of your event to the adjacent outdoor spaces for groups of more than 50 persons.

Rich History

This remarkable house was the first in Orange County to include closets in the bedrooms and electrical wiring inside the walls. The closets are still there, but the wiring is completely modern. Most lighting is indirect, allowing the rooms to retain many of the original fixtures.


A catering kitchen with a large cooler and prep area has a separate back entrance. A central forced-air conditioning system has been tastefully installed so as to maintain the historic appearance of interior spaces.
House Location Map